Leading for Future Shaping

Coaching Executives Who Want to Create Generative Growth and Transform Their Business on a Whole New Level!

Who Am I?

I help organizations to lead and implement transformational change and create the workforce and the workplace of the future. A firm believer that business leaders hold the potential of changing the game of their business and the stories of their organizations, I have made it my mission to help grow a conscious leader in each game changer. Through my work i strive to nudge everyone to take up the leadership mantel and lead themselves if they want to excel and be part of a future where disruption is the norm.

Leading a business to thrive in disruption and be first to the future is very demanding and, at times, exhausting and depleting. Working for top leaders on challenging missions, I figured out the strategies that unusual leaders deployed to convert their Vision and drive into unique outcomes or to fail it all. I’ve synthesized these experiences into learnings and growth strategies that can be practically employed by anyone who intends to make a genuine contribution and leave a positive trace.

Applied by myself in critical professional and life decisions, they made an invaluable difference. Applied by my clients pursuing bold and visionary goals, these growth strategies set in motion mindset shifts helping them succeed in their mission and stay on the top of their game.

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), certified in Generative Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, Systemic team coaching, Narrative Coaching, and Stakeholder Centered Leadership. Executive writer for Brainz Magazine. MBA, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, and MSc in International Marketing and Strategy. Multicultural upbringing, with more than 20 years of work experience in transformational change.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Albana helps business leaders who:

  • want to succeed in business innovation and create generative growth – in profit, people, planet, culture,
  • want to build resilience, agility to change, and a thriving culture,
  • struggle to engage, execute, and innovate beyond short-term problem-solving,
  • are overwhelmed by the complexity and rapid change around them,
  • struggle to transform their vision into transformational change,
  • lack clarity of their vision and shared purpose across teams,
  • struggle to leverage on collective intelligence,
  • struggle to handle conflicting interests and competing priorities.

By working with Albana, they make a transformational shift from business managers to business leaders who inspire and enable innovation, influence beyond authority and engage their stakeholders to co-create the desired future.
They strengthen their inner-outer alignment to pursue bold goals, increase wisdom in making systemic business decisions and transform systemic relationships – elevating their playfield in leading self and others.
They become leaders of future shaping.


Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for executives who:

  • are afraid of becoming extraordinary,
  • are not intentional about developing their leadership mastery
  • lack courage, humility, and commitment to change their game,
  • only care about the bottom-line,
  • believe that past success guarantees future success,
  • are not interested in creating better futures,
  • are not serious about realizing transformational change,
  • are not ready to do every day something that makes them realize their dream .

Define Your Game

Design Aspired Futures

Everything one can conceive and believe one can achieve!

As a leader, you envisage the future, passionately believe that you can make a difference, and inspire people to create aspired futures.

This requires you to create a genuine Vision, a meaningful Mission, define a bold Ambition and define the Role you want to play in realizing that big and bold Dream, making an impact that outlasts you.

The coaching conversations during this phase help you to gear up your inner game, develop clarity, and craft three essential dialogues defining your leadership game:

  • The Destiny dialogue – What defines you?
  • The Destination dialogue – What is the future you want to create?
  • The Departure dialogue – What makes you stand firm, hold on, keep going?

Using the wrong mindset for even the most noble goals will not take you anywhere close to the desired outcomes.  That’s right: Mindset comes first. and these 3 stepstones will pay the foundations of crafting the mindset you need to succeed your goals.

Module One

Module One

The Destiny Dialogue
“The Essential Is Invisible to the Eye”


What you can achieve through yourself and others is bound to what you have defined as your destiny. Destiny is not determined by powers beyond your control but by your internal locus of control. Shakespeare once said: “It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”


This module focuses on unveiling fore core pillars influencing your internal locus of control.

  • Connect to the spark of your PASSION,
  • Define your IDENTITY of power and respect,
  • Enhance clarity on your sense of PURPOSE,
  • Identify your GENIUS and zone of EXCELLENCE

You will develop your Destiny Dialogue encapsulating your authentic definition of the pathway of achieving your Destiny as a person, a team, and a business.

You will explore and identify pathways to express your deepest desire, your purpose, and genius in ways that build towards your Destiny, a thriving business, and conscious leadership.

Module Two

Module Two

The Destination Dialogue
Clarity of Mission, Vision, Ambition


Mission gives to a business the reason for existing; vision defines the desired state that sets you apart, and ambition the stretched goals that get you out of the comfort zone. Altogether they give the sense of destination worth striving for.

Without clarity on the future I want to create for me and my business, a goal that is ten times bigger than you and clarity on how your goal gives meaning and significance to your work and life, you pursuit is doomed to fail.


In this module, you increase clarity on leveraging three important mechanisms  and strategies that mobilize you and your team into converting passion and genius into getting to the desired destination.

The coaching conversations in this module will help you guide your future shaping venture with clarity of :

  • The aspiring vision of where you want to be and what you want to create that sets you apart.
  • The mission that resonates with you and those for whom it makes a difference
  • The ambition (s), which realization fulfills and outlasts you

You will develop your Destination dialogue – the narrative that will mobilize you and your key stakeholders to define a creative pathway of achieving aspired Destination.

Module Three

Module Three

The Departure Dialogue
Tidy Up Your Venture Pack


Your beliefs become your acts - your virtues & values become your destiny.

Beliefs, virtues, and values are like an adventure pack that we carry on your back through your journey, nurturing or depleting our energy to carry on.

Without clarifying what holds you back, what makes you hold on and what makes you keep going, your venture is like a paper castle that goes with the wind.


This module is dedicated to tidying up your "venture pack" of beliefs, values and virtues allowing you to travel light and carrying along your journey exactly what you need to replenish your energy and stay on track to achieve your destiny, mission, and purpose.

The coaching conversations in this module will help you develop insight and competences that allow your progress towards destination with increased

  • Clarity of what you want to nurture and what you want to unlearn
  • Mindfulness on the triggers that get you off guard
  • Insight on conflicting values limiting the expression of your potential
  • Resourcefulness to handle conflicting values
  • Alignment of your inner compass keeping track of your North Star.

You will develop your Departure dialogue – the narrative that will help you depart in your hero’s journey with a venture pack that is fit to purpose, freed from the unhelpful burden, and resourceful to accompany you throughout your journey to the destination.


Change the Game
Create Resilience, Innovate, Be First to the Future


How do you transition from having a vision to creating a new reality?

No one changed the game by playing it safe!

The coaching conversations in this phase enhance your capacity to translate Vision into Reality. From establishing directions to engaging in the pathway to innovative thrive – you lead self and others through challenging transitions from the known to the unknown, from the invisible to the visible, to build resilience and create new futures.
You strengthen your inner-outer game, develop clarity, and craft three essential dialogues changing your leadership game:

  • The Direction dialogue – for courageous decisions on what needs to change
  • The Directing dialogue – for wisdom on resolving leadership dilemmas
  • The Innovation dialogue – for extreme accountability on resolving innovation dilemmas.

Many songs remain unsang; many great ideas remain unrealized; many promising ventures derail. The secret stays in the commitment to develop a handful of capabilities that help you stay the course of challenging leadership dilemmas.

Module Four

Module Four

The Direction Dialogue
Establishing Direction


“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Peter F. Drucker

If you can not define what needs to change from where you are to where you want to go, your efforts will be fruitless. Yet, taking courageous and wise decisions, uniting your people on the direction ahead, and staying focused yet agile in setting the direction, takes more than a wish.

This module is dedicated to mindset shifts and strategies that allow you to set the direction of change in a decisive, evolutive, and engaging way.


The coaching conversations in this module will help you to:

  • Establish a direction and elevate your effectiveness in decision making
  • Enhance clarity on the management and leadership choices on what needs to change.
  • Identify implementable strategies that help you devise a course of action
  • Identify an implementable plan to keep your direction and commitment clear in the face of challenge
  • Learn to adopt the proper perspective to make the right decision, bridging from managing to leading.

You develop your Direction dialogue – conveying perspective for courageous and conscious decisions on what needs to change.

Module Five

Module Five

The Directing Dialogue
Your Pathway to Destination


The most rewarding and challenging part of leadership is leading yourself, for it defines the boundaries of your effectiveness in leading others.

Do you ever question:

  • How can I lead others to new places?
  • How can I encourage and inspire them to share my passion?
  • How can I cut through complex dilemmas to achieve desired outcomes?

This section is dedicated to attuning your leadership presence for conscious impact on leading yourself and others.


The coaching conversations in this module help you develop clarity and strength of your leadership persona and presence and build your inner compass of making the right choices every day while navigating your pathway to your desired destination.

Here are some stepstones you will walk through this module:

  • Increase clarity on how you show up as a leader - how you influence, connect, engage, and resolve conflict.
  • Develop a mindset that enables you to hold yourself responsible for the leader you want to become.
  • Strengthen mindset qualities that allow you to sustain focused execution towards your intention.
  • Increase understanding of the triggers that take you off balance and realize a visible shift in your behavioral response to triggers.
  • Develop the inner compass of navigating Leadership dilemmas.
  • Decode your conversational impact and how you engage others to co-create desired futures.

You develop your Directing dialogue – conveying how you influence, engage, and connect with others to achieve generative growth.

Module Six

Module Six

The Innovation Dialogue
Be Resilient, Be First to the Future.


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” (S. Jobs)

Without any mindset clarity and strategies on how to increase resilience and capacity to innovate you will stubble all along the way.

This module is dedicated to increasing your capacity for resilience and innovation.


The coaching conversations in this module help you:

  • Increase resilience for you and your business
  • Understand what influences your capacity for resilience and innovation
  • Know who you need to be and what you need to do to succeed in innovation
  • Be in a better position to make strategic decisions and handle dilemmas

You develop your Innovation Dialogue – conveying clarity of strategic choices of your innovation game and how you cut through the innovator’s dilemmas.


Elevate Your Game
Develop Wisdom to Thrive

Developing wisdom to thrive is the best strategy to survive.

Achieving your destiny is an endeavor of many milestones. Building alliances, elevating your conversational impact, and creating a system of relevant feedback that elicits continuous learning are your milestones of increased wisdom. They are the test of your leadership perseverance for generative growth and shifting to the next level of greatness. They are your “luck” factor.

During this phase, you develop new insight, hindsight, and foresight and enhance leadership embodiment. 

You strengthen your inner-outer alignment and craft three essential dialogues elevating your leadership game:

  • The Integrator dialogue – to create powerful alliances that stay the course
  • The Trust dialogue – to connect, navigate, shape the future with others
  • The Wisdom dialogue – to cultivate and expand the generative intelligence

No leadership embodiment – no positive lasting impact! This explains why once successful leaders derail and why  only 5% of them fulfill their destiny. You can make it! If can cut through these critical milestones of realizing your destiny so that these moments of truth can be lived as a blessing and carry the signature of your leader shifts.

Module Seven

Module Seven

The Integrator Dialogue
Forge Mastermind Alliances


When two or more people actively pursue a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude and compatible values, they constitute an unbeatable force.

Did you ever question:

  • How can I create permanent success?
  • How can I tap into the storehouse of infinite intelligence?
  • How can I succeed even though I don’t know everything?

This module is dedicated to increasing your capacity to create mastermind alliances.


The coaching conversations in this module help you:

  • Develop clarity and realignment on your inner game of creating partnerships that will accelerate and enrich your journey to success. You revisit your inner thoughts, emotions, aspirations, fears, hesitations, values, and beliefs about the partnership to align with the quality of the alliance you intend to create.
  • Architect conversations that create resonance for the partnership to be formed hold together and create more successful outcomes.
  • Develop your inner compass for the definite purpose involving multiple aspects of growth: Profit-People-Planet-Culture
  • Develop Your constellation canvas of powerful alliance
  • Develop your partnership barometer to meet your partners where they are and ensure compatibility.

You develop your Integrator Dialogue – conveying the mental attitude and the definite purpose that will allow you to partner with the others to achieve the desired destination faster and fitter.

Module Eight

Module Eight

The Trust Dialogue
The Power of Connection


Words create worlds! Connecting and communicating is the ultimate skill that allows the manifestation of your potential and power of influence.

Did you ever question:

  • What is finally the secret of creating enduring trust?
  • How can I leverage collective intelligence?
  • How can I cultivate a future-shaping culture?

This module is dedicated to elevating your conversational intelligence for positive impact.


The coaching conversations in this module will enhance three core competencies of an innovative, high performing team:

  • Building enduring TRUST
  • Develop Navigational Listening
  • Cultivate generative intelligence

You will identify your authentic and conscious ways of modulating conversations in ways that create new worlds and possibilities, develop mutual trust, and create engagement in co-creating the future.

You will Increase awareness of your listening habits and enhance your Listening skills in ways that allow you to instill power and respect, transform interactions into wellsprings of innovative growth, and influence desired outcomes.

You will experience increased awareness of your conversational dynamics and an increased ability to architect interactions to strengthen relationships and increase business success.

You develop your Trust Dialogue conveying your authentic way of architecting generative conversations that prime TRUST and cultivate a future-shaping culture.

Module Nine

Module Nine

The Wisdom Dialogue


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” (K. Blanchard). It takes humility to seek feedback. It takes wisdom to understand it. And it takes a leap of faith to act on it appropriately.

Did you ever question:

  • How can I get to know what I do not see?
  • How do I get to see what others don’t?
  • How can I induce growth through the changes that I make?

This module is dedicated to elevating your effectiveness in creating new learning that propels you and your team to the next level of greatness.


The coaching conversations in this module will help you

  • Leverage Feedback and Feedforward for constructive learning and progress
  • Develop genuine ways of capturing relevant feedback and converting it into wisdom for your next level of greatness.
  • Develop/define strategies that help you capture and integrate “Insight, hindsight, and foresight” into your creative achievement and next level of growth.
  • Develop Strategies and rituals to redesign your feedback system for optimal learning and growth.
  • Creating an experiential learning and development climate that accelerates business innovation
  • Increase engagement of your team in creative thinking
  • Create higher conversion of team potential and creative thinking into innovative solutions, visibly transforming business performance.

You develop your Wisdom Dialogue conveying your authentic way of enabling and translating collective generative intelligence into the next level of greatness for you, your people, your business.

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