Albana Vrioni

Please Go Through Everything Before Your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

My goal is to support you in transforming your strategic vision into reality while creating a positive legacy. I help you develop insight, hindsight, and foresight to cultivate your resourcefulness to cut through the complexity of direction setting and make a difference in shaping the future for you and your business.

I do this by putting together an integrative development program organized around personal and team or group coaching and by including micro-training and advisory as needed.

— Why
As a leader, knowing you have something in you to inspire others and lead them towards better futures, you want to create a lot with them, not for them.

Leaders take the responsibility of directing their organization to desired futures, confident they have all is needed to lead their team. Often without knowing the details of the journey and what will be required for them on the way.

You have everybody’s eyes and hopes directed at you. You feel pressure to have the correct answer on everything; your decisions need to be accurate, bright, sharp.

The result is that you work long hours, putting all your resourcefulness in, only to be increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity of challenges, conflicting and competing priorities, disengaged or disconnected staff. The team loses tempo, skepticism undermines hope, and misalignment disintegrated alliances.

In some cases, the execution of your vision goes astray, and you see your job gone; in other cases, your success alienates collaborators, and you fail to enjoy their admiration and support.

When you started, you had a plan, you wanted to make a difference, but now you are entangled in the complexity of making the right call, the realization of your strategic vision is shaken, and the power of execution is diluted.

— What
To change this, you set on a quest of being and becoming a conscious leader.

The conscious leaders are successful game changes have learned to put in place a system that helps them “stay the course” – sharpen their vision, craft and calibrate their narrative, channel their energy on productive lines of action, and replenish their resourcefulness to remain open to experience connected to their purpose.

This means you develop a ritual of inner-outer alignment, integrating insight, hindsight, and foresight in your visionary leadership.
You do this with yourself and with your team, thus developing the collective muscle of inner-outer alignment.

This allows you to connect, discover, and co-create with the team.
Now you set the direction
You have an engaging narrative.

This allows you to full scale the execution of your vision being complete and incomplete at the same time.

You have created alliances that support you along the bumpy way of converting your vision to reality.

You see a pathway to the desired destination emerging.
You see your business turnaround, rejuvenate, or scale as you envisioned it.

You see yourself growing wiser, creating a positive impact that outlasts you.

You have a story to tell while inspiring others to step into their own hero’s journey.

— How
Successful leaders achieve these outcomes by putting in place a system that allows them to calibrate their inner-outer alignment, mindfully use head-heart-gut in their decision making, continuously integrate insight, hindsight, and foresight in you narrative of leading self and others, and masterfully connect with others in ways that create meaning and engagement.

And this is the support that I’m going to give to you.

We will establish this system together, in 9 steps, through coaching conversations, experiential learning, and somatic reinforcement.

So that you can transform your strategic vision into reality, make a positive impact that outlasts you, and enjoy the abundance of your beautiful mind.

2. What can I expect from the call?

Consider it as a discovery call. You leave from it with more clarity on the direction that will move the needle and on whether working with me is what will help you the best.

3. Who is Albana Vrioni?

Leading a business to thrive in disruption and be first to the future can be very awarding and at times exhausting and stalling. Working for top leaders on challenging missions, from one mission to another, I figured out what were the strategies that visionary leaders deployed to convert their strategic vision and resourcefulness into unusual outcomes, or to fail it all. I’ve synthesised these experiences into learnings and growth strategies that can be practically employed by anyone who intends to make a genuine contribution and leave a positive trace.

Applied by myself in critical professional and life decisions they made an invaluable difference in turning dramatic situations and into wellsprings of growth and success.

Applied by my clients pursuing bold and visionary goals, these growth strategies triggered in them deep changes in their leadership narrative and their leadership presence, helping them succeed challenging transitions and stay on the top of their game.

Wouldn’t you like to feel on top of your game and confident in staying the course of achieving your visionary and bold goals and make a positive impact?

I believe that business leaders hold the potential of changing the game of their business and the stories of their organisations – I have made it my mission to support them to dream big and bold, be innovative and be first to the future.

My intention with this program is to facilitate your journey of realizing the best of what you intend to accomplish in a generative way.

Albana is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a certified practitioner in Generative Change, Conversational Intelligence, Systemic team coaching, Narrative Coaching, and Stakeholder Centered Leadership. She holds an MBA, a MSc in Engineering, and a MSc in International Marketing and Strategy. She has a multicultural upbringing and brings to her clients more than 20 years of work experience in change and transformation.

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